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Ramanan said, As part of our mission to Transform India into an Innovative Country the active engagement of ATLs is extremely important and far reaching in its implications He has also appealed the new schools to comply speedily with the requirements as per ATL Guidelines for getting the funds for establishment and also ensure commencement of regular ATL Operations from the coming new academic sessions.
com/) ET News that Samsung Electronics has opted to not use ATL batteries for its Note 8 phablet this year.
While Infinity Loves ATL is based in Atlanta, Georgia, anyone with HIV or AIDS can sign up for the website's services.
As the country's second largest leasing institution as at Q3 2015, ATL enjoys good brand recognition and a robust market position serving around 9,000 customers.
It was learnt that manually filed tax returns had not been entered/picked in the data to update the ATL on weekly basis and only electronically filed tax returns had been picked to issue undated ATL.
The acquisition will incorporate MedConx's manufacturing facility in Costa Rica with ATL Technology's existing facility in Costa Rica, resulting in expanded operational capabilities and increased capacity.
ATL is a provider of electromechanical contract manufacturing of assemblies and devices with specialties in single use solutions.
It will give ACM members free access to the joint venture - AMiE - as well as the benefits of associate membership of ATL including access to all ATL's training and publications, member benefits; and support fromthe national offices in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Bradford's Telegraph and Argus hailed the advert as an `unreserved apology' from the Asian business community, though ATL co-ordinator Ashad Javed is quick to admit that ATL didn't have the mandate to apologize for the actions of unemployed youngsters who burnt down a BMW car show room.
Automated tape libraries for DLT were introduced in 1994 by ATL Products, Inc.
As part of establishing ATL in the antisense field, Isis has licensed to ATL ISIS 107248, an antisense inhibitor to CD 49d, a sub-unit of VLA-4 (Very Late Antigen-4).
Fisher said he hopes that ATL talks at APEC will "enhance momentum" of trade liberalization in a new round of multilateral trade negotiations to be launched following the late November ministerial meeting in Seattle of the World Trade Organization (WTO).