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At·lan·te·an 1

 (ăt′lăn-tē′ən, ăt-lăn′tē-)
Of or like the Titan Atlas, especially in having a fundamental role or great strength.

[From Greek Atlās, Atlant-, Atlas; see Atlas.]

At·lan·te·an 2

 (ăt′lăn-tē′ən, ăt-lăn′tē-)
Of or relating to Atlantis.


(ˌætlænˈtiːən; ætˈlæntɪən)
1. (Classical Myth & Legend) literary of, relating to, or like Atlas; extremely strong
2. (European Myth & Legend) of or connected with Atlantis


(ˌæt lænˈti ən, -lən-)

of or pertaining to the Titan Atlas; strong.
[1660–70; < Latin Atlantē(us) < Greek Atlánteios of Atlas]
References in classic literature ?
Which when BEELZEBUB perceiv'd, then whom, SATAN except, none higher sat, with grave Aspect he rose, and in his rising seem'd A Pillar of State; deep on his Front engraven Deliberation sat and publick care; And Princely counsel in his face yet shon, Majestick though in ruin: sage he stood With ATLANTEAN shoulders fit to bear The weight of mightiest Monarchies; his look Drew audience and attention still as Night Or Summers Noon-tide air, while thus he spake.
From these and their degraded slaves and a later intermixture of the blood of the anthropoids sprung the gnarled men of Opar; but by some queer freak of fate, aided by natural selection, the old Atlantean strain had remained pure and undegraded in the females descended from a single princess of the royal house of Atlantis who had been in Opar at the time of the great catastrophe.
To mark its new home with guided tour music and movie memorabilia company, TyneIdols, the vintage Atlantean Double Decker bus was blessed by the Vicar of Holy Island's St Mary's Church, the Rev Dr Paul Collins.
Nanotechnologist John Percival Hackworth, a New Atlantean from coastal China who has adopted the manners of Victorian Britain, accepts an assignment to design an interactive device titled A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, intended to shape and maintain the values of the dominant social class.
e rst Atlantean corporation bus with automatic front-loading doors, no conductors, and distinctive oblong shape - futuristic and warm compared to the battered old double deckers we had been riding on for years.
Small children can go crazy in Splashers, a maze of tunnels, tubes and slides, while older kids and grown-ups can try new rides such as Aquaconda, the largest waterslide tube in the world, Slitherine, the first dual waterslide within a waterslide, and Atlantean Flyers, a zip-line which can transport them from sea to air, 20m above the park.
It features a number of fictional locations which mirror real places she has visited in the emirate, including 'The Mall of Dubai' (Dubai Mall) and 'The Atlantean Hotel' (Atlantis, The Palm).
Huddersfield had models of both 6299 and 6300, although the liveries of these two models weren't exactly the same, and the model bus is based on a Metrobus, not an Atlantean.
The author is also a longtime Atlantean and documents both past history and its lasting impact on the city and the South, showing that the historic 'wrecking' didn't end with the city's takeover, but continued long into its occupation.
Tracing connections between the emergence of Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations and other prehistoric civilizations (ranging from cultures in Tibet and China to the legendary Atlantis and the Atlantean continent), Land of the Fallen Star Gods especially scrutinizes ancient Egypt's mystical traditions and initiatory rites.
The Lost Chambers Suites, namely Poseidon and Neptune, each offer an opportunity to act out your own Atlantean adventure in your room.