Makaira nigricans

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Noun1.Makaira nigricans - largest marlinMakaira nigricans - largest marlin; may reach 2000 pounds; found worldwide in warm seas
marlin - large long-jawed oceanic sport fishes; related to sailfishes and spearfishes; not completely cold-blooded i.e. able to warm their brains and eyes
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2-pound mahi-mahi caught with 2-pound line and a 357-pound Atlantic blue marlin caught with 6-pound line.
02kg (269 lb 0 oz) Atlantic blue marlin for men's 8kg (16 lb) tippet class record
To gain insights into the relative conservation benefits of circle hooks in the recreational fishery for Atlantic blue marlin and other istiophorids, we compiled data on hooking location and the incidence of trauma (bleeding) for 123 blue marlin, 272 white marlin, and 132 sailfish caught on natural baits rigged with either J hooks or circle hooks.
The most recent ICCAT stock assessments concluded that Atlantic blue marlin biomass is about 40% of the level required to produce maximum sustainable yield, while the situation for white marlin is more dire at about 20% (ICCAT, 2006).
Blue Marlin Since longlines replaced harpoons in the early 1960s, the Atlantic blue marlin has been driven toward extinction.
Giant Atlantic blue marlin and Beluga sturgeon are monsters that anglers dream about catching once a lifetime.
Catching the Atlantic blue marlin is on every angler's bucket list.
Fecundity, reproductive biology and some aspects of growth in the Atlantic blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, Lacepede 1802.
Several lines of evidence suggest that Atlantic blue marlin and white marlin belong to single Atlantic-wide stocks (Ortiz et al.
Ernest Hemingway came to North Bimini in the 1930s, and pioneered the fishery for giant bluefin tuna and Atlantic blue marlin.

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