Atlantic puffin

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Noun1.Atlantic puffin - common puffin of the northern AtlanticAtlantic puffin - common puffin of the northern Atlantic
puffin - any of two genera of northern seabirds having short necks and brightly colored compressed bills
macareux moine
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GRUB UP: Atlantic puffin with food for its chick on Hornoya island, Norway
It is the most important site in the UK for Arctic, common and roseate terns, the second most important site for sandwich tern, and the third most important site for Atlantic puffin.
An Atlantic puffin on Skomer Island, taken on the new Sony RX10 III camera
An Atlantic puffin, which, along with the curlew, inset right, has joined the at-risk list in recent years
As part of this study, Atlantic puffin populations and chick weights at three Maine islands were examined between 2005-14.
The Atlantic puffin, which lives mainly on the north coast of the UK, has now been placed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature on a "red list" of species threatened with extinction.
Scientists are noticing worrying rates of Infant mortality In Atlantic puffin populations.
uriae ticks recovered primarily from Atlantic puffin chicks or their nests, were submitted from Maine sites, and another 383 were submitted from sites on the Atlantic Coast of Canada.
Puffin: A parrot-like beak, bright orange legs, and exceptionally rapid wingbeats readily identify the Atlantic puffin or "sea parrot.
Allocation of growth in food-stressed Atlantic Puffin chicks.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists think theyve seen it all, a taxidermied Atlantic Puffin waddles across their inspection desk.

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