Atmospheric railway

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one in which pneumatic power, obtained from compressed air or the creation of a vacuum, is the propelling force.
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Train-spotting was all the rage back in the golden age of steam - and grime - when atmospheric railway stations were filled with obnoxious smells and covered in soot emanating from those hissing, smoking beasts.
THE ATMOSPHERIC RAILWAY by Shena Mackay (Jonathan Cape, pounds 17.
The atmospheric railway is documented in exhaustive detail in Atmospheric Railways by C.
Iron casting had become a fine art by the time of the atmospheric railway.
The tubes for the atmospheric railway were cast iron, delivered in nine-foot lengths and bolted together.
The vulcanization process for rubber was discovered at exactly the same time that experimentation on the atmospheric railway began in 1840.
The atmospheric railway was not a success and it cost a lot of people a great deal, both in money and in reputation.
In addition to mainstream railways, atmospheric railways are considered as well as electric railways, underground railways, monorails, and mountain (rack) railways, all of which have fascinating histories.

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