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A portable computer that is smaller than a laptop, with less processing speed and less memory, used primarily for accessing the internet.

[Blend of (inter)net and notebook.]


(Communications & Information) a type of small laptop computer
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Intel is also pushing the x86 architecture to tablets with its Atom chips, and hopes to reduce chip power consumption over the next few years to a point where it can match ARM, whose chips are considered more power efficient.
The devices are designed as alternatives to netbooks, most of which are based on Intel's Atom chips and come with Microsoft's Windows OS.
Intel has a minor presence in the space with its Atom chips, and most smartphones today carry chips designed by rival Arm.
Intel has said it wants to integrate Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G radios in future Atom chips, which will be used in netbooks, smartphones and tablets.
We've seen that pattern not only with non-x86, but x86 products," McCarron said, citing the example of Intel's x86 low-power Atom chips, which are being used in experimental servers for tasks like web serving.
Infineon chips went into 400 million phones, and the company eventually wants to integrate the radios into Atom chips.
Lenovo and Motorola will release smartphones based on Intel's upcoming Atom chips code-named Medfield, said Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO, during a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
wirelessly and will work with ARM and Atom chips, among others, said Jan Backman, director of marketing for Ericsson mobile broadband modules.
The biggest bet is with the Atom chips , which are targeted mostly at running tablets and smartphones.
lt;p>Processors codenamed Pineview will succeed the Atom chips that currently go into most netbooks, said Jeff DeMuth, who works with Intel's platform marketing, at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.
Intel yesterday started shipping the latest Atom chips for netbooks, an important step to sustain growth of the low-cost PCs in the wake of the tablet onslaught.
SGI says that Atom chips are being used for application development and testing scale-out application code.