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An isomer of retinoic acid used topically to treat acne and to mitigate fine facial wrinkling and orally to treat one form of leukemia.


(Pharmacology) pharmacol a synthetic form of vitamin A used as a drug to treat certain skin conditions and a type of leukemia


(trəˈtɪn oʊ ɪn)
a drug chemically related to vitamin A, used as a topical ointment to treat skin disorders, esp. acne.
[1960–65; t(ri-) + retino- (< Greek rhētinē resin) + -in1]


n tretinoína
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Seagrass Thalassia hemprichii and Sea cucumber Holothuria atra were collected from Northern corniche of Jeddah and Southern corniche of Jeddah, respectively (Fig.
Based on this experience, we obtained remission without aggravation of intracranial hemorrhage in a patient who developed intracranial hemorrhage before treatment using initial single administration of ATRA for 5 days followed by concomitant chemotherapy with ATRA after improvement of DIC (Figure 2).
Under normal physiologic conditions, ATRA functions to cause ligand-dependent conformational changes in wildtype RARA that induce dissociation of the corepressors SMRT (silencing mediator of retinoid and thyroid hormones) or N-CoR (nuclear corepressor) so that cellular differentiation can proceed.
All of these considerations are relevant, because the ATRA is likely to result in a lower marginal tax rate (early in a working career) at the in-plan rollover date and it is also likely to result in a greater number of years until the start of distributions.
Beginning in 2013, ATRA permanently indexed for inflation the alternative minimum tax (AMT) exemption amount and the thresholds for the 28% AMT rate for individuals and made the AMT offset for nonrefundable credits permanent.
We would like take this opportunity to recognize all of the individuals who are involved in production of this Journal including the authors, the associate editors, Jo-Ellen Ross, our ATRA Board liaison, and the ATRA office staff.
The opisthobranch mollusks Polycera alabe Collier & Farmer, 1964 and Polycera atra MacFarland, 1905 (family Polyceridae Alder & Hancock, 1845) are benthic marine invertebrates found in coastal habitats along the eastern Pacific.
ATRA provides a degree of certainty that had been missing, and it may be the impetus needed to motivate clients to update their estate plan in order to protect their family and to minimize taxes.
For the first time, the Swiss independent rating agency ATRA has awarded the five best airlines in the world according to their holistic safety profile during an event organised during last week's International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget airport in France.
ATRA extended the 50% first-year bonus depreciation to qualified property acquired and placed in service before Jan.
ATRA induces the differentiation of leukemic cells into phenotypically mature myeloid cells.