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(əˈtrɛk, ɑˈtrɛk)

also A•trak

(əˈtræk, ɑˈtræk)

a river arising in NE Iran, flowing W through Turkmenistan into the Caspian Sea. ab. 300 mi. (485 km) long.
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Atrek to one of the ancient villages in the hills reveals strange customs, astounding legends and quaint architecture
The Kara-Kum desert is bounded by oases watered by Amu-Darya River in the north and the Murgap, Tejen, Atrek rivers descending from the Kopetdag Gershi and other mountains in the south.
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Louis Ballet brings in NYC contemporary choreographer Pam Tanowitz to create a work on the company, which premieres on a mixed bill including premieres by local companies such as aTrek Dance Collective, MADCO, and Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company (Oct.
Common carp in the Atrek River spawns from mid March (at 12-14degC) until early April.
ATREK in the torturous conditions of the North Pole will test human endurance to breaking point.
Atrek follows on a wooden seat strapped to the elephant's back.