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Noun1.Atriplex - orachAtriplex - orach; saltbush      
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
orach, orache - any of various herbaceous plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in deserts and salt marshes
saltbush - any of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soil
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We extend this assumption to other tall plant communities affected by livestock grazing, such as communities dominated by Phragmites australis on brackish marshes or Atriplex portulacoides on salt marshes.
Photosynthesis, photosystem II efficiency and xanthophyll cycle in the salt-adapted halophyte Atriplex centralasiatica.
Comparative in vitro evaluation of forage legumes (prosopis, acacia, atriplex, and leucaena) on ruminal fermentation and methanogenesis.
Although he had spent much time collecting bugs in the New World tropics, he would vote every time for dry country, beating rabbit bush, Atriplex, creosote in the Great Basin, and now in Australia, wattles, smokebush and hakeas, to name but a few.
They are Nerium oleander (Oleander) and its dwarf forms, Thevetia peruviana (Yellow oleander), Atriplex halimus Mediterranean saltbush), Atriplex canescens (Four-wing saltbush), Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Dwarf Poinciana or Pride of Barbados) and Tecoma stans (Yellow trumpet bush).
2006, "Genetic structure of experimental populations and reproductive fitness in a heterocarpic plant Atriplex tatarica (Chenopodiaceae)", Am.
ALGERIA: Batna, Ras El Aioun, among grasses around pool in small poplar forest around fountain, 700 m, 16 October 1987, 5[female] (CRB); Boumerdes, Reghaia, marsh with Tamarisk at mouth of Oued Reghaia, 5 m, 3 May 1988, pt, 5[female] (CRB); Ain Temouchent, between El Malah and El Ghella, among Salicornia and Atriplex near brackish water along Rio Salado, 80 m, 24 April 1984, 2[female] (CRB).
Caryophyllaceae * Agrostemma githago Cerastium arvense Cerastium holosteoides Scleranthus annuus Silene alba Silene vulgares Stellarea graminea Stellarea media Spergula arvensis Lychnis Lychnis fos-cuculi Plantago major/media t Plantagalanceolata Brassicaceae * Brassica campestres Thlaspi arvense Capsella bursa pastores Chenopodiaceae * Chenopodium album Atriplex prostrata Polygonum sp.
Commercially available species that are suitable for agricultural production in saline areas within Australia are limited to Atriplex spp.
Osmotic and ionic effects of NaCl on germination, early seedling growth, and ion content of Atriplex halimus (Chenopodiaceae).