n.1.Poison; venom; corrupt matter from a sore.
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Aye, she'll git tired of deh life atter a while an' den she'll wanna be a-comin' home, won' she, deh beast
Business partners Mary Dodds, Lucy Atter and Chris Finch share the running, making sure standards stay high.
Joanne Atter Holmfirth cyclist named as man killed in Peak District fall R.
It did not md atter if they were academic: those who passed the eleven plus were not allowed to go to grammar school because of the cost.
She just dropped her fag end on the floor to seewhat was them atter with her little baby, then this bloke came up to her and said she was fined pounds 60 for this.
All the action from this evening,s Matches at the Plymouth Pavilons, Featuring John Part v Raymend Van Barnewelld James Wads V Terry Jenkins, Phil Taylor v Wayne Mardle, The players Head to Deyon For the Second round of matches, looding to establish themselves in the top Four of the league, with Tayler hoping to bounce back from the defeat last week in which james Wade beat him B-6 Raymond van Barneveld notched up his first victory atter disposing of Wayne Mardly and the Dutchman Will be confident of beating the newly crowned World champion jahn Part here tonight.
And the 37-times capped Sidoli said: 'The surgery went well, I'm quite pleased with how things have gone and I've had some excellent physio from Tim Atter.
And KPMG global infrastructure associate partner Lewis Atter said that although the figure of PS15 billion seemed a large one, it was equivalent to only a 0.
You gerron wi' yer tea, but please excuse me, As I'll atter mek puddin' fer Bill.
Tim Atter, business director at Vale Healthcare, said: "The launch of the Spine Centre marks an important step forward in the evolution of Vale Healthcare.
ATTER just five weeks on release, Alice In Wonderland has become director Tim Burton's highest-grossing UK film to date.
Of course, I'ma big Dr Who, oops sorry, Shakespeare, fan and the fact that the gorgeousMr T is playing the anguished Prince has no bearing on them atter at all - just as it had no bearing on the fact that all tickets for all performances had gone within hours of going on sale.