Attu Island

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At·tu Island

An island of southwest Alaska, the westernmost of the Aleutians. It was occupied by Japan for a short time (1942-1943) during World War II.
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SGS has been retained to test vast amounts of samples for the US Department of Defense remediation base sites, which he says will generate over $1 billion in lab testing on sites spread across the state from Southeast Alaska to Attu Island of the Aleutian Islands.
Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan were historically present on all islands in the Near Islands group but introduced foxes reduced their range to Attu Island and an estimated population size of ~ 1,000 birds (Ebbert and Byrd 2002).
He was stationed in a little place called Attu Island in the Aleutian Chain.
This area ranges from Port Moller on the Alaska Peninsula to Attu Island and the Shumagin and Pribilof islands.
Piatt is also collaborating with Vernon Byrd, Bill Pyle, and other FWS biologists to investigate the breeding biology of murrelets at Attu Island and Kodiak Island in southwestern Alaska.
The battle at Attu island received little press, since it coincided with the battle at Guadalcanal.
The diary of Nobuo Tatsuguchi, an American-educated Japanese doctor who was killed during World War II, quietly recorded the tragedies of the war, his own suffering and the last moments of Japanese troops on Attu Island at the western tip of Aleutians in the Bering Sea.
Palko--was lost after takeoff from Attu Island, Alaska, headed for the Kurile Islands, Japan.
The Americans were on their way to do battle with members of the Japanese 301st Independent Infantry Battalion who had attacked Attu Island in early June 1942, overwhelmed its inhabitants, and forced them into slave labor camps in Japan.
The situation that cemented the qual for me occurred on a takeoff from Attu Island.
For example, the approved text includes descriptions such as these: ''On Attu Island (Japanese troops) would not budge an inch against U.
Retired Army Major Bill Jones, a veteran of the 19-day battle that cost the lives of 4,000 men, returns to Attu Island to tell his story.