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 (ō′bə-sən, -sôN′)
A tapestry or usually pileless, densely patterned rug traditionally woven in Aubusson, France.


(French obysɔ̃)
(Placename) a town in central France, in the Creuse department: a centre for flat-woven carpets and for tapestries since the 16th century. Pop: 4662 (1999)
(Textiles) denoting or relating to these carpets or tapestries


(ˈoʊ bə sən, -ˌsɔ̃)

1. a tapestry or a tapestry-weave rug used mainly as a wall hanging.
2. a tapestrylike rug of uncut pile.
[1960–65; after Aubusson, town in central France where made]
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This bolder scheme was a change from that of their Jackson residence, where delicate-hued Aubussons called for a lighter approach.
Also new was the Parisian Collection of heavy plush wools in shades reminiscent of authentic Aubussons and new additions to the Shalimar Collection, including a carved leopard pattern in Bagira, a modern floral called Lahora and Kahn, an octagon/diamond pattern.
Elliott will also be looking for jewel tones and Aubussons.
NEW YORK-Next to casual looks and allover designs, Aubussons and Savonneries stand out for their precise, symmetrical designs that are pleasing to the eye.
NEW YORK-New offerings at the Atlanta International Area Rug Market take a distinctly French twist with an emphasis on pile Aubussons.
Unlike traditional Aubussons, Sakura rugs have silk in them.
He said the trend is moving away from muted to brighter designs, and this is actually a return to a more authentic look for Aubussons.
In addition, AMS will present Aubussons and needlepoints from Peel & Co.
The flatwoven category, defined as any rug that does not have pile, is extremely broad and encompasses sophisticated soumaks, elegant Aubussons, natural jutes and sisals, casual dhurries and kilims, as well as chenille, leather and even paper rugs.
Among the flatwoven rugs currently in AMS' line are needlepoints and Aubussons from China, "almost Picasso-like" tapestries made of Alpaca from Peru, Navaho rugs from the U.
From Kilims and Dhurries, to Soumaks, needlepoints and Aubussons, there is a variety of style and coloration and price point.