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The largest city of New Zealand, on an isthmus of northwest North Island. It is a major port and an industrial center.


(Placename) the chief port of New Zealand, in the northern part of North Island: former capital of New Zealand (1840–65). Pop: 450 300 (2010 est)


(ˈɔk lənd)

a seaport on N North Island, in New Zealand. 952,600.
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Noun1.Auckland - the largest city and principal port of New ZealandAuckland - the largest city and principal port of New Zealand
New Zealand - an independent country within the British Commonwealth; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1907; known for sheep and spectacular scenery
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The national airline and flag carrier of New Zealand, Air New Zealand is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and operates scheduled passenger flights to 25 domestic and 26 international destinations in 15 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.
Ken and his wife Gill met up with their friends, who, he says, all grew up together in Coventry, at the home of Tony and Anne Richards in Drury, Auckland, New Zealand.
Saudi Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand Hassan Tala'at Nazer has opened the buildings of Saudi Consulate General and Cultural Attache Office in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.
After a 7,000-mile trip from Calcutta, India, to Auckland, New Zealand, Linda Ruiz and Karen Heins conquered white water sledging and a tumble downhill in an inflatable ball to end up second out of four surviving teams in the around-the-world race for $1 million.
Dutch designer Marijke de Goey shows what can be achieved in her radical design for a small pedestrian bridge over two artificial lakes at the Alan Gibbs Trust Park in Auckland, New Zealand.
has entered into an agreement to license certain cell-killing drugs from Proacta Therapeutics, based in Auckland, New Zealand.
AUCKLAND, New Zealand Studios USA Domestic Television has pulled the plug indefinitely on the production of syndicated series "Cleopatra 2525," filmed on the former set of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" in West Auckland, New Zealand.
When the Commonwealth heads of government met in Auckland, New Zealand, last November, two issues dominated the headlines.