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n.1.A changeling or elf child, - that is, one left by fairies; a deformed or foolish child; a simpleton; an oaf.
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Credit risks are minimal due to Texas Constitutional debt limits and strong debt service coverage (pro forma debt service coverage based on the fiscal 2018 AUF distribution to UTS is about 4.
4, used AUF by firing two rounds to disable the engines of a high-speed drug-trafficking vessel known as a "go fast" boat.
conducted AUF proof of concept exercises with four HH-60J Jayhawk helicopters modified with an airframe-mounted area-fire weapon, shoulder-mounted weapon, upgraded radios, upgraded FLIR, head-up display, cabin floor armor, and pilot and copilot seat armor.
Under the constitutional provision, annual distributions to the AUF must be sufficient to pay principal and interest on all PUF bonds and notes issued by TAMUS and the UT System.
In order to do this, the auditor will formulate an opinion on the financial organization of the AUF, using the approach that it deems appropriate to the achievement of the aforementioned objectives.
Address : AUF, Finance and Controlling Department, 4, place de la Sorbonne 75005 Paris Cedex
Under constitutional mandate, the UT Board of Regents establishes an annual distribution rate from the PUF to the AUF that provides stable, inflation-adjusted payments to beneficiary institutions and that preserves PUF purchasing power over the long-term.
Unaudited fiscal 2002 results indicate that the A&M System's share of AUF distributions and related income, net of administrative expenses, totaled $121 million, covering annual debt service obligations by 2.
31, 2002, to provide internal liquidity, if needed, to supplement AUF and PUF sources and pay FRN obligations.
UTIMCO), constitutional limits on the amount of PUF debt, and the Texas constitution's requirement that funds be distributed from the PUF to the AUF to cover debt service on PUF bonds and notes.
The AUF consists of distributions from the PUF with one-third of the distribution amount being constitutionally appropriated to the Texas A&M University System.
AUF is one of the ten nonbank financial companies awarded an in-principle license by the Reserve Bank of India to become a small finance bank.