Augustan age

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of any national literature, the period of its highest state of purity and refinement; - so called because the reign of Augustus Cæsar was the golden age of Roman literature. Thus the reign of Louis XIV. (b. 1638) has been called the Augustan age of French literature, and that of Queen Anne (b. 1664) the Augustan age of English literature.

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A FARMER of the Augustan age Perused in Virgil's golden page, The story of the secret won From Proteus by Cyrene's son How the dank sea-god sowed the swain Means to restore his hives again More briefly, how a slaughtered bull Breeds honey by the bellyful.
The writers of the reigns of Anne and George I called their period the Augustan Age, because they flattered themselves that with them English life and literature had reached a culminating period of civilization and elegance corresponding to that which existed at Rome under the Emperor Augustus.
Elizabethan prose, all too chaotic in the beauty and force which overflowed into it from Elizabethan poetry, and incorrect with an incorrectness which leaves it scarcely legitimate prose at all: then, in reaction against that, the correctness of Dryden, and his followers through the eighteenth century, determining the standard of a prose in the proper sense, not inferior to the prose of the Augustan age in Latin, or of the "great age in France": and, again in reaction against this, the wild mixture of poetry and prose, in our wild nineteenth century, under the influence of such writers as Dickens and Carlyle: such are the three periods into which the story of our prose literature divides itself.
What went on in the office interested me as much as the quarrels of the Augustan age of English letters, and I made much more record of it in the crude and shapeless diary which I kept, partly in verse and partly in prose, but always of a distinctly lower literary kind than that I was trying otherwise to write.
I argue that Vitruvius, as a selective reader of Lucretius, provides windows both into Augustan political thought and into Roman Epicureanism at work in the Augustan Age.
The diminutive Alexander Pope (1688-1744) gained august stature as an English poet and satirist in the Augustan Age.
Ironically, Fielding's most cogent defense of naturalism is found in Tom Jones, "the last and consummate literary achievement of England's Augustan Age.
Satire and Economics in the Augustan Age of Satire.
To reread Robert Frost's banal poem written for Kennedy's inauguration ("A golden age of poetry and power of which this noonday's the beginning hour'') is to wince at its clunky attempt to conjure an Augustan age from the melding of politics and celebrity that the Kennedys used to pioneer the presidency-as-entertainment.
For her, the didactic poetry of the Augustan age is as important for the understanding of Rapin and Cowley as their knowledge of contemporary scientific research.
This Alexandrian Jew, born in the Augustan age, knew the libidinous ways of Roman aristocracy, as evident in Egypt as in Rome.
This book attempts to analyze the various sumptuary laws passed during the Roman Republic and the Augustan Age, aiming to understand the thought behind them and their system of morality, as well as trying to get at Roman perception of luxury.