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Au·gus·tine 1

 (ô′gə-stēn′, ô-gŭs′tĭn), Saint ad 354-430.
Early Christian church father and philosopher who served (396-430) as the bishop of Hippo (in present-day Algeria). Through such writings as the autobiographical Confessions (397) and the voluminous City of God (413-426), he profoundly influenced Christianity, arguing against Manichaeism and Donatism and helping to establish the doctrine of original sin.

Au·gus·tine 2

 (ô′gə-stēn′, ô-gŭs′tĭn) also Aus·tin (ô′stən), Saint Known as "Apostle of the English." Died c. 604.
Italian-born missionary and prelate who introduced Christianity to southern Britain and in 597 was ordained as the first archbishop of Canterbury.


1. (Biography) Saint. 354–430 ad, one of the Fathers of the Christian Church; bishop of Hippo in North Africa (396–430), who profoundly influenced both Catholic and Protestant theology. His most famous works are Confessions, a spiritual autobiography, and De Civitate Dei, a vindication of the Christian Church. Feast day: Aug 28
2. (Biography) Saint. died 604 ad, Roman monk, sent to Britain (597 ad) to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity and to establish the authority of the Roman See over the native Celtic Church; became the first archbishop of Canterbury (601–604). Feast day: May 26 or 27
3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a member of an Augustinian order


(ˈɔ gəˌstin, ɔˈgʌs tɪn, əˈgʌs-)

1. Saint, A.D. 354–430, one of the Latin fathers in the early Christian Church; bishop of Hippo in N Africa.
2. Saint, (Austin) died A.D. 604, Roman monk: headed group of missionaries who landed in England A.D. 597; first archbishop of Canterbury 601–604.
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Noun1.Augustine - (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian churchAugustine - (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian church; after a dramatic conversion to Christianity he became bishop of Hippo Regius in North Africa; St. Augustine emphasized man's need for grace (354-430)
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy


[ɔːˈgʌstɪn] NAgustín


nAugustinus m
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