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 (ou-rŭng′gə-bäd′, -ə-bäd′)
A town of western India east-northeast of Mumbai. Founded in 1610, it is near the site of a mausoleum erected by Aurangzeb in honor of his empress.
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Summary: Aurangabad (Maharashtra) [India], Mar 07 (ANI): At least 12 policemen were injured after a clash broke out between locals and police forces on Wednesday over garbage dumping in Maharashtra's Aurangabad.
If one wishes to follow the trajectory of Buddhist monuments and of Buddhism throughout time in western India, the ideal site is the persistent but unpretentious one cut into the face of the hill a short distance from the heart of the city of Aurangabad.
Also known as the city of gates and famous for its heritage sites, Aurangabad is a city where history paved the way for a new economy.
Summary: Aurangabad (Bihar) [India], September 22 (ANI): A doctor on Friday was assaulted by police for not giving way to a cop vehicle in Bihar's Aurangabad.
Ee Small Scale Irrigation (Wc) Division Aurangabad,
Summary: Aurangabad (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 14 (ANI): Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) secretary Sanjay Choupane was killed when the car he was travelling in collided with a bus at Bondla Phata near Aurangabad on Sunday evening.
Summary: Aurangabad (Bihar) [India], July 23 (ANI): Raking up a controversy, Aurangabad District Magistrate Kanwal Tanuj has said that those who cannot build a toilet for their wives, should sell them.
8 (ANI): Municipal Corporation officials have seized and destroyed thousands of adulterated milk packets, being brought in tankers from Ahmednagar District to Aurangabad District.
Aurangabad, May 27 (ANI): Aurangabad Police nabbed three poachers and seized a prized skin of a tiger from them on Wednesday.
Aurangabad, Sep 15(ANI): Aurangabad, popularly known as the 'City of Gates' for having as many as 52 gates, is suffering due to government apathy as most of the gates are in a dilapidated state.
Aurangabad, June 27 (ANI): Known for its tourist attractions of Ajanta and Ellora caves, Aurangabad in Maharashtra is fast emerging as a favoured destination for breweries with many companies establishing their units in the city.