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also Au·rung·zeb  (ôr′əng-zĕb′) 1618-1707.
Hindustani emperor (1658-1707) who imposed Muslim orthodoxy and expanded the empire.


(ˈɔːrəŋˌzɛb) or


(Biography) 1618–1707, Mogul emperor of Hindustan (1658–1707), whose reign marked both the height of Mogul prosperity and the decline of its power through the revolts of the Marathas


or Au•rung•zeb

(ˈɔr əŋˌzɛb)

1618–1707, Mogul emperor of Hindustan 1658–1707.
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The Pakistanis were identified as Aurangzeb, Saiful Islam, Abdul Sattar, Omar Hayat, and Maulvi Sadiq Rahman, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement.
I get the feeling that Aurangzeb relishes the challenge.
PNS Alamgir is named after Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir, who was the sixth Muslim ruler of the great Mogul Empire in the Indian subcontinent.
Mr Aurangzeb, who was beaten by his jailers, spent five years in prison before his trial even started.
Other speakers include Aurangzeb Khan, Cadence's Corporate Vice President, Business Development, who will discuss an integrated approach to power optimization for semiconductor manufacturers; and NEC System Technology Senior Manager, System CAD, System Devices Research Laboratories, Kazutoshi Wakabayashi, describing a "Design Flow using C-based integrated environment CyberWorkBench and Power-Analysis Capability.
He was responding Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha of PML-N, who while speaking on a point of order have complained of the suspension of road link to 40 villages due to landslide at Pouna, Abbottabad and dispatching of mobile dispensary, food and medicines to the affected areas.
BHARATIYA JANATA Party MP from East Delhi Maheish Giri has requested the prime minister to rename Aurangzeb Road after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.
SASHEH gha's debut film Aurangzeb is dominated by several big male stars who hog most of the screen space, but it really doesn't bother her much.
In response to corruption allegations levelled at him by the PML-N's Tahira Aurangzeb in the National Assembly, Malik said, "This is victimisation.
Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had once invited Guru Har Rai, the father of Baba Ram Rai at his court in Delhi.
Soft IP is attractive because it is flexible and easy to retarget, which is the essence of custom chip design," said Aurangzeb Khan, president and CEO of Altius Solutions.
ISLAMABAD -- Parliamentary Secretary of Interior, Mariyam Aurangzeb on Saturday said that the federal government is providing all necessary support to the provincial government for peace and enhancing economic activity in Karachi areas.