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 (ô-rēl′yən, ô-rē′lē-ən) Originally Lucius Domitius Aurelianus. ad 215?-275.
Emperor of Rome (ad 270-275) who secured the empire's northern border at the Danube River, reconquered Britain, Gaul, Syria, and Egypt, and introduced monetary reforms.


(Biography) Latin name Lucius Domitius Aurelianus. ?212–275 ad, Roman emperor (270–275), who conquered Palmyra (273) and restored political unity to the Roman Empire


(ɔˈri li ən, ɔˈril yən)

(Lucius Domitius Aurelianus) A.D. 212?–275, Roman emperor 270–275.
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He shows how the Greeks defeated the mighty Persian empire, how the Thebans shattered the mirage of Spartan invulnerability, how the Romans swiftly ended a long war by attacking the enemy's home front, how Aurelian battled enemies on many fronts to reunite Rome, how William Tecumseh Sherman marched through the American South and destroyed the Confederate will to fight, and how America achieved a permanent victory over Japan.
His accomplice was Aurelian Ramadan, 43, also of Edgwick Road, who pleaded guilty to theft from a person and fraud by false representation back in February.
The trio led by Raoul Shaw, together with World Under 23 Triathlon Champion Dorian Coninx and the man who won the event last year, Raphael Aurelian, worked really hard and quickly established a lead of over 90sec on the tough six-lap bike course.
During the meeting with Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Romania, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Prahova region Aurelian Gogulesku, the parties discussed the development of trade and economic cooperation at the regional level, including through regional Chambers of Commerce.
Villa Grandi is bounded on the north-east by 3rd century BC Aurelian Walls and by Via di Porta Latina on the south-west.
Aurelian Craiutu's challenging letter compels a consideration of prudence, which comprises extremism and moderation rightly understood.