Antoninus Pius

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An·to·ni·nus Pi·us

 (ăn′tə-nī′nəs pī′əs) ad 86-161.
Emperor of Rome (138-161) who was the adopted son and successor of Hadrian.

Antoninus Pius

(Biography) 86–161 ad, emperor of Rome (138–161); adopted son and successor of Hadrian

Antoni′nus Pi′us

(ˈpaɪ əs)
A.D. 86–161, emperor of Rome 138–161.
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The statues belong to several Roman emperors, including Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus and Hadrian.
00 Brighton Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus was Roman Emperor from 161AD to his death, aged 58, in 180AD.
These intimidating circumstances form the background for the correspondence between Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180, and Marcus Cornelius Fronto, a prominent orator who was hired to instruct the young Caesar-in-training in rhetoric.