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 (ô′stən), Jane 1775-1817.
British writer who is noted for her penetrating observation of middle-class manners and morality and her irony, wit, and meticulous style. Her novels include Pride and Prejudice (1813) and Emma (1816).

Aus′ten·esque′ adj.


(ˈɒstɪn; ˈɔː-)
(Biography) Jane. 1775–1817, English novelist, noted particularly for the insight and delicate irony of her portrayal of middle-class families. Her completed novels are Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), Emma (1816), Northanger Abbey (1818), and Persuasion (1818)


(ˈɔ stən)

Jane, 1775–1817, English novelist.
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Noun1.Austen - English novelist noted for her insightful portrayals of middle-class families (1775-1817)Austen - English novelist noted for her insightful portrayals of middle-class families (1775-1817)
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Lady Austen, a widow, took a house near Cowper and Mrs.
It was Lady Austen, too, who urged Cowper to his greatest work, The Task.
You cannot be at perfect ease with a friend who does not joke, and I suppose this is what deprived me of a final satisfaction in the company of Anthony Trollope, who jokes heavily or not at all, and whom I should otherwise make bold to declare the greatest of English novelists; as it is, I must put before him Jane Austen, whose books, late in life, have been a youthful rapture with me.
Still, on the whole, I'd rather live without them than without Jane Austen.
A chef d'oeuvre of that kind of quiet evolution of character through circumstance, introduced into English literature by Miss Austen, and carried to perfection in France by George Sand (who is more to the point, because, like Mrs.
Fans of Jane Austen will delight in this wickedly funny contemporary mystery, which features among its cast of characters several modern day interpretations of Austen's immortal characters.
At an event at Jane Austen s House Museum today, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, confirmed that Jane Austen will appear on a forthcoming Bank of England banknote: the next new character following Sir Winston Churchill.
Jane Austen will appear on the [pounds sterling]10 note, replacing the father of evolution, Charles Darwin, the Bank of England has confirmed.
British biographer Paula Byrne's debut book, Jane Austen and the Theatre (2003), explored the Regency novelist's lifelong passion for theater and its effect on her work.
Everybody's Jane; Austen in the popular imagination.
Of late, it seems, Jane Austen has become everyone's favorite hobbyhorse.
It chronicles Jenny's romance with Captain Thomas Williams which begins inauspiciously and ends happily--in true Jane Austen style.