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Noun1.Australian Labor Party - the oldest political party in Australia, founded in 1891; the party is moderately liberal
labor party, labour party - a left-of-center political party formed to represent the interest of ordinary working people
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The ruling has cast doubt over the validity of parliamentary votes Joyce and Nash have cast, said Tanya Plibersek, acting leader of the Australian Labour Party
The Australian Labour Party was among the first to criticise the move.
Giving her first interviews this week after stepping down from politics in June after losing leadership of the Australian Labour Party to John Rudd, Gillard said her memoirs would be available in October 2014.
According to the report, Assange further attacked the government and called it even 'worse' than US to have abandoned him and hoped that the coming elections would lead to a clean out of the Australian Labour Party (ALP) starting with Julia Gillard and her 'cronies'.
Since the Australian Labour Party won a sweeping election victory in 2007, it has been riven by dissent.
Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has called for a leadership vote on Monday after Kevin Rudd, the country's foreign minister resigned two days ago and said would contest he to regain the leadership of the Australian Labour party, and premiership.
Lara was re-elected in 2002 to the Tasmanian parliament, as a member of the Australian Labour Party, and has since held a number of top government jobs, culminating in her being named Premier in January.
That left the equation deadlocked at 74 seats each to Gillard's Australian Labour Party and Abbott's Liberal-National Coalition in the 150-seat House of Representatives.
He was a founder member of the Australian Labour Party.
The political trajectory of the Australian Labour Party (ALP) and the New Zealand Labour Party (NZLP) has been remarkably concurrent, with substantial convergence in their class nature, ideology and support base over time.
Smith said the Australian Labour party, which took power last year, has a "long-standing position" banning exports of nuclear material to countries which have not signed the NPT.
In a remarkable interview last week, Bush warned both New Labour and the resurgent Australian Labour Party, poised to win the forthcoming elections, that whatever their "internal domestic political considerations" their continued military presence on the doomed Iraq front was "imperative".

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