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or Au·to·harp  (ô′tō-härp′)
A musical instrument resembling a zither equipped with a row of buttons, each of which damps all of the strings except those forming a desired chord.

[Originally a trademark.]


(Instruments) trademark a zither-like musical instrument used in country-and-western music, equipped with button-controlled dampers that can prevent selected strings from sounding, thus allowing chords to be played. It is plucked with the fingers or a plectrum


(ˈɔ toʊˌhɑrp)
a zither having buttons that when depressed damp all strings except those to be sounded.


A small zither-like musical instrument popular in the early twentieth century.
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There are many tender moments here, helped along by the gentle guitar strum and auto harp, also played by Harvey.
High wire harmonies and lyrics that are mature well beyond their tender years were accompanied by acoustic guitar, keyboard and the magical auto harp.
The band used drum, piano, guitar, auto harp and the result was a soul, folksy element, he says.
How did we get to this entourage of horn players and auto harps and wacky business like this?