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n. Computers
A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

au′to·com·plete′ v.
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The tool includes an auto-completion feature that allows it to automatically generate assemblies of components by searching through possible arrangements.
When it comes to humans, this technology can be paired with an auto-completion technology used by smartphones or tablets in order to drastically improve typing speeds.
This new editor provides easy-to-use functionality such as syntax coloring and auto-completion.
8220;With Postcode Anywhere's address auto-completion, businesses can trust their data to provide a 360 degree view of their customers, the process is streamlined and international address entry becomes faster and more efficient.
a) On-the-fly auto-completion for 3D digitization that exploits similar template models to allow gradual shape prediction from partially digitized objects.
These products will be context-aware and able to both sense and predict behavior, which is already seen in features such as auto-completion texting.
These products will be context-aware and able to both sense and predict behavior; already seen in features such as auto-completion texting.
Search system user interfaces vary widely, including query auto-completion, term expansions, faceted refinement, related search suggestions, and results preview.
Gwent Police has agreed changes, including a ban on generic passwords, and agreed to bring in new technology "to prevent the inappropriate auto-completion of addresses in internal and external email accounts.
The plug-in will provide full syntax highlighting for TrafficScript rules, making it easier to edit and manage complex rules; TrafficScript auto-completion, code hints and online help to create powerful rules more quickly; the ability to manage rules on several ZXTM clusters, comparing rules and copying rules from one cluster to another; instant deployment of rules to a ZXTM cluster for faster and more responsive implementation of changes and syntax checking and validation, ensuring that a faulty rule is never deployed to a ZXTM system.
Features such as intelligent route auto-completion, impedance-controlled routing, the ability to route buses and differential pairs in a single action and guided autorouting (where the designer chooses the approximate path and the router engine does the grunt work of actually laying the traces to comply with the design rules) have enabled designers to cope with the increasing complexity of modern boards without getting bogged down in the minutiae of autorouter set up.