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a.1.(Geol.) Broken in place; - said of rocks having a broken or brecciated structure due to crushing, in contrast to those of brecciated materials brought from a distance.
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That is to say, autoclastic comics display a kind of performative contradiction wherein they challenge the idea, either thematically or by virtue of their complexity, that comics are an illegitimate medium while nevertheless intentionally and glaringly mobilizing the very aspects of comics (gratuitous violence, infantile humor, etc.
It is generally coarse- grained and shows autoclastic, hypidiomrophic granular texture in relatively fresh varieties, while granoblastic texture predominates in altered varieties (Fig.
Arabesques radio in from the open water pleading Help us, it's so quiet, we no longer know how to worship the machine we left blocking the hospital corridors, we have forgotten to pay the rent on our separate pieties (Hypotenuse; the ventral thalamus--) & how the banks are breaking Rapunzel's autoclastic heart