cost-of-living adjustment

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cost-of-liv·ing adjustment

n. Abbr. COLA
An adjustment made in wages that corresponds with a change in the cost of living.
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An automatic cost-of-living adjustment would, in any case, fail to achieve its primary objective, which is to relieve board members of the awkward task of raising their own pay.
The House plan offers no automatic cost-of-living adjustments.
10 States with automatic cost-of-living adjustments.
As a result of the recent economic recession, the consumer price index (CPI-W) that is used to make automatic cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security benefits did not increase from the previous year.
The Santows see the need for new approaches in several areas, among them universal preschool education funded by estate taxes; automatic cost-of-living adjustments to the minimum wage; new tax computation approaches; and inducements for the private sector to provide health-care coverage.
population 32,700) has eliminated automatic cost-of-living adjustments and implemented a Pay for Performance program.

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