cost-of-living adjustment

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cost-of-liv·ing adjustment

n. Abbr. COLA
An adjustment made in wages that corresponds with a change in the cost of living.
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An automatic cost-of-living adjustment would, in any case, fail to achieve its primary objective, which is to relieve board members of the awkward task of raising their own pay.
A policy with an automatic cost-of-living adjustment can add up to 50 percent to the premium.
The House plan offers no automatic cost-of-living adjustments.
10 States with automatic cost-of-living adjustments.
The president of the European Central Bank in particular has been vehement over the considerable increases negotiated by German employees and the principle of automatic cost-of-living adjustments to wages practiced in Belgium (3404).
The Santows see the need for new approaches in several areas, among them universal preschool education funded by estate taxes; automatic cost-of-living adjustments to the minimum wage; new tax computation approaches; and inducements for the private sector to provide health-care coverage.
population 32,700) has eliminated automatic cost-of-living adjustments and implemented a Pay for Performance program.

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