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(ɔˈtɒn əˌmɪz əm)

a belief in or movement toward autonomy.
au•ton′o•mist, adj., n.


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In our case, the trajectory is going toward individualism or autonomism of an individual artist because of his effort, the robustness of the market, and the absence of government support and initiative.
Tokatlian, which sought to set itself up as an alternative to neoconservative autonomism (Simonoff 2015).
Simon Rabinovitch's focus here is among the lesser known, but arguably most influential, of Jewish national ideologies of this period: Autonomism, or Diaspora Nationalism--a movement built from the idea that despite their status as a non-territorial nation, Jews were entitled to rights of national autonomy within a modem constitutional framework.
Deligiorgi, Katerina, 2007, "Literature and Moral Vision: Autonomism Reconsidered", Philosophical Inquiry, vol.
He aligns his approach with Marxist autonomism, which suggests that the subjectivity of the working classes constitutes "the vital force which is at once necessary for capital and the obstacle to its continued existence" (166).
Moreover, ethical criticism may be regarded as a meeting between the two polarities of moralism, which contends that the aesthetic value of art should be determined by or reduced to its "moral" value, and autonomism, which challenges our notions about whether it is appropriate to apply moral categories to art that should be evaluated by aesthetic standards alone.
Deleuze & Guattari 2004 [1987]), Italian autonomism (e.
Newfoundland arguably has neither the nationalism nor autonomism that would make this comparison work.
The basis of autonomism was the syndicalist movement and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from 1895.
Palermo, Francesco; Valdesalici, Alice (2014), "Italy: Autonomism, Decentralization, Federalism or what else?
2) Autonomism necessarily includes a variety of views about the role of regulation in safeguarding the autonomy of individuals, but it is a useful generalization because so many commentators share a basic commitment to it as a foundation for normative claims.
The PPD was complicit in the colonial degradation of Puerto Rican culture; autonomism left the Puerto Rican people with nothing of their history and culture except names for streets (Andreu November 6, 1966, November 9, 1966, February 16, 1967.