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The auxiliar troops and Trojan hosts appear.
- Pope.
n.1.An auxiliary.
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In 2011, Auxilia gave 3,101 lessons to 900 prisoners.
I correspond with them by mail using a pseudonym since Auxilia discourages giving out personal information to the prisoners.
For Professor Saddington the study of the Roman army's auxilia units was more a matter of social and administrative history than tactical and strategic issues.
For this writer, an origo for Professor Saddington's interest in Roman auxilia remains obscure.
Among the Patriarch' s visitors: Abi Ghosn family from Jbeil; a delegation of Catholic Anglophone Schools headed by Priest Merwan Tabet; and a delegation of Auxilia foundation.
Birmingham-based Middleton Group Services has acquired the service and maintenance arm of Hednesford-based air-conditioning firm Auxilia Group in an undisclosed deal.
Auxilia encompasses a range of services including heating, ventilation and extraction to create a 'one-stop-shop' for air-conditioning targeting blue chip clients in the leisure and retail sectors.
Auxilia Goromonzi, working with the Gauteng Economic Development Association (GEDA) and alongside AuGRID management for several months, has been able to coordinate the joint project and will now select South African investment partners from a pool of ten and under the advisement of the Industrial Development Corporation as well as the GEDA.
The Roman auxilia in Tacitus, Josephus, and other Early Imperial writers', AClass 13 (1970) 89-124.
Staffordshire air conditioning and refrigeration firm Auxilia has completed its third acquisition in 18 months.
Auxilia undertook a buy-in management buy-out at Air Continental, leaving the existing management in place.
Midlands firm Auxilia Holdings has made a double acquisition securing the future of more than a hundred jobs.