n.1.Profit; advantage.
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The report showed that indicators of government s absorptive capacity for ODA Loans disbursement level, disbursement rate, availment rate and disbursement ratio, showed improved performance in year 2014 as compared with the previous year.
have been developed to assess purposeful availment with respect to
462, 476 (1985) (holding that purposeful availment of the
The government has integrated provisions of access to banking facilities, account opening, financial literacy, credit availment, micro insurance and pension, he added.
1976), the court reasoned that a bank's "repeated use" of a correspondent account in the state formed a "course of dealing" which was reflective of a bank's "purposeful availment of New York's dependable and transparent banking system" and access to a stable and "predictable" financial market.
The purposeful availment language used by some New York State courts to define a "transaction of business" has been adopted from United States Supreme Court opinions examining the federal constitutional limits on state powers to assert jurisdiction over non-domiciliary defendants.
Total availment of commercial, thrift and rural banks fell 54.
99) Purposeful availment has not replaced minimum contacts as the due process standard.
Being able to receive the most applicable offers on time will generate immediate response from clients' thus increasing consumer awareness and possibility of availment.
After availment of combo services and free or discounted gadgets, unused peso value is automatically converted to a monthly consumable amount which can be used for calls, texts, and mobile surfing services.
89) As to "purposeful availment," the defendant must make a deliberate choice to relate to the state in a meaningful way before being made to bear the burden of defending there.