Ave Maria

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A·ve Ma·ri·a

 (ä′vā mə-rē′ə)
n. Roman Catholic Church

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin Avē Maria.]

Ave Maria

(Roman Catholic Church) another name for Hail Mary
[C14: from Medieval Latin: hail, Mary!]

A•ve Ma•ri•a

(ˈɑ veɪ məˈri ə)
a prayer based on the salutation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary and the words of Elizabeth to her, meaning “Hail Mary.”
Also called Hail Mary.
[1200–50; Middle English < Medieval Latin; see ave]

ave Maria

A Latin phrase meaning hail Mary, the opening words of a prayer to the Virgin Mary.
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Noun1.ave Maria - a salutation to the Virgin Mary now used in prayers to herAve Maria - a salutation to the Virgin Mary now used in prayers to her
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Then, again, from time to time, this mass of sublime noises opens and gives passage to the beats of the Ave Maria, which bursts forth and sparkles like an aigrette of stars.
On approaching the house of a stranger, it is usual to follow several little points of etiquette: riding up slowly to the door, the salutation of Ave Maria is given, and until somebody comes out and asks you to alight, it is not customary even to get off your horse: the formal answer of the owner is, "sin pecado concebida" -- that is, conceived without sin.
Holly Holyoake, 16, (right) was thrilled to sing Ave Maria with classical star Hayley Westenra at the North Wales Theatre, Llandudno Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
Ave Maria Law Review is described as a new Catholic legal journal dedicated to dialogue on the spectrum of legal issues relating to Catholic legal tradition and to offer articles in all areas of the law.
LENDING A HAND: Bono bows to Luciano Pavarotti at the anti-war concert; STAGE PRESENCE: The two singers perform Ave Maria
11am High Mass, Missa Rorate coeli desuper - Haydn, Ave Maria - Parsons, Ne timeas, Maria - Victoria, 5pm Mass.
Effective performance of some of these selections requires a bit of keyboard gymnastics to execute passages of pieces such as Saint-Saens's Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix (My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice), from Samson and Delilah, and Caccini's Ave Maria.
Monaghan's Ave Maria Foundation is funding the Ave Maria School of Law, scheduled to open this fall, and has established the Thomas More Center for Law and Justice to provide legal counsel on issues of religious freedom, the family, and sanctity of life.
The programme also features some of his favourite hymns, including All Things Bright and Beautiful, Ave Maria, and Lord of the Dance.
Woodley examines two passages in Thomas Ashwell's Mass Ave Maria to demonstrate how such re-notation may have come about.
The Hartford is adding investment options from the Timothy Plan([R]), the Luther King Capital Management (LKCM) Aquinas Funds and the Ave Maria Mutual Funds to its lineup of 403(b), 401(a), 457 and 401(k) defined contribution retirement plans.
The Obama administration's latest effort to ensure contraceptive access to employees of certain religious institutions was dealt a blow in late October when a federal court granted Ave Maria University a temporary injunction against certain requirements of the contraception mandate.