Averrhoa carambola

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Noun1.Averrhoa carambola - East Indian tree bearing deeply ridged yellow-brown fruitAverrhoa carambola - East Indian tree bearing deeply ridged yellow-brown fruit
star fruit, carambola - deeply ridged yellow-brown tropical fruit; used raw as a vegetable or in salad or when fully ripe as a dessert
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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Relatively large numbers of larvae were found from trees of Syzygium samaranese, Litchi chinensis and Averrhoa carambola.
This work aims to describe some electrophysiological changes promoted by the aqueous extract (AEx) from Averrhoa carambola leaves in guinea pig heart.
Among plants cultivated for both home consumption and commercial purposes were Mangifera indica (mango), Areca catechu (betel nut), Borassus flabellifer (sugar palm), Cocos nucifera (coconut), Ananas comosus (pineapple), Carica papaya (papaya), Luffa cylindrica (vegetable sponge), Emblica officinalis (Indian gooseberry), Manihot esculenta (cassava), Cajanus cajan (spotted pigeon pea), Lablab purpureus (hyacinth bean), Tamarindus indica (tamarind), Punica granatum (pomegranate), Moringa oleifera (drumstick tree), Musa sapientum (banana), Psidium guajava (guava), Syzygium cumini (black plum), Averrhoa carambola (star fruit), Piper betle (betel leaf), Ziziphus mauritiana (Indian jujube), Aegle marmelos (wood apple), and Zingiber officinale (ginger).
Fruit fly traps baited with putrescine and ammonium acetate were placed in orchards of litchi and rambutan, as well as an adjacent orchard of carambola, Averrhoa carambola, to demonstrate the presence of fruit flies while litchi and rambutan were fruiting.