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1. (Placename) the ancient name for Vlorë
2. (Historical Terms) the ancient name for Vlorë


(ˈvlɔr ə, ˈvloʊr ə)

a seaport in SW Albania. 61,000.
Formerly, Avlona.
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Hambas added that initial meetings have taken place with the local councils of Katokopia, Pano Zodia, Avlona and Peristerona and that more meetings with other communities would follow.
Skirting a salt lagoon--"Here they take a sort of mullet, from which is prepared the roe called 'bottarga', for which Avlona is famous'--Lear encounters
The Athenians covered as quickly as possible the more than 20 miles to Marathon and encamped in a strategic pass, Avlona, overlooking the plain.
Authorities will also be keeping an eye on poultry farms in a 10-kilometre radius that includes Meniko, Akaki, Ayious Trimithias, Yerolakkos, Mammari, Katokopia, Avlona, Peristerona and Orounta.
THE UNITED Nations yesterday had a 'standoff' with the Turkish army in the buffer zone near the village of Avlona after the latter reinstalled a fence the UN had just removed.