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also A·ye·sha  (ä′ē-shä′) c. 611-678.
The favorite wife of Muhammad. She led an unsuccessful revolt against his successor, Ali.


(ˈɑːiːˌʃɑː) or


(Biography) ?613–678 ad, the favourite wife of Mohammed; daughter of Abu Bekr


(ˈɑ iˌʃɑ)

A.D. 613?–678, favorite wife of Muhammad.
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In the table tennis final Kohat players Lawayza, Bahisth, Mehreen recorded victory against Karak team comprising Aysha, Gullalai, and Sadaf in the final.
The bodies have been identified as Aysha (24), wife of Usman, and her two children, two years old Ayan Ali and eight years old Noor.
It tells the story of two girls in their mid-teens: Emily is an English girl living in the early years of the twentieth century; Aysha is a Bangladeshi living exactly one hundred years later.
Qatar will be represented by Mesfer al-Marri, Usama al-Shaiba, Abdulaziz al-Ali, Ahmad al-Ali, Fatima al-Saadi, Nasrah Mohamed, Al Danah al-Mubarak, Nourah al-Mohannadi and Aysha al-Suwaidi.
It has garnered support from logistics and financial supporters which include VIVA Bahrain, Yousif and Aysha Almoayyed Charity, Al Zayani Investments and Bahrain Credit.
Aysha Basit, 36, was at the Eid celebrations last Sunday with her husband and three children when a car ploughed into crowds of people on Westgate Road.
Continuing its support to the education sector in Bahrain, Yousif & Aysha Almoayyed Charity has decided to open its doors to scholarship applications for the academic year of 2017/2018.
For Peshawar there was a superb batting by Aysha who struck very key 73 runs off 48 balls with seven boundaries and two sixes but she could not rescued her team beaten by strong Karachi team.
Aysha Abdullah, careers and employability manager at Coventry University College, said: "There was a real buzz at the event and I'm very proud of what we put together over a sixmonth period.
After delivering their presentations, the review panel consisting of Aysha Al Kaabi - Programme Analyst, UNDP, Dr Jayashree Payyazhi - Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business at UOWD and Ali Al Saloom, a well-known media personality and public speaker, provided the participants with constructive recommendations to help them improve on the work they have done thus far.
Aysha Chouhdary has been taken on as a qualified solicitor following the completion of her training contract, while probate expert Catrin Griffiths joins as an associate, having previously worked with another local practice.
Khartoum, Dec 27 (ONA) Hassabo Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Vice-President of the Republic of Sudan today awarded in the Sudanese capital Khartoum Sheikha Aysha bint Khalfan bin Jumyel al- Siyabiyah, Chairperson of Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) with the Presidential Order of Merit of the premium-class as international Ambassador for social responsibility.