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 (ī′yər-vā′də, -vē′-)
The ancient Hindu science of health and medicine, based on maintaining balance among the five elements earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

[Sanskrit āyurvedaḥ : āyuḥ, life, health; see aiw- in Indo-European roots + vedaḥ, knowledge, lore; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

A′yur·ve′dic adj.


(ˈɑːjʊˌveɪdə; -ˌviːdə)
(Hinduism) Hinduism an ancient medical treatise on the art of healing and prolonging life, sometimes regarded as a fifth Veda
[from Sanskrit, from āyur life + veda knowledge]
ˌAyurˈvedic adj

Ayurvedism, Ayurveda

the conventional Hindu system of medicine, founded chiefly on naturopathy and homeopathy. — Ayurvedic, adj.
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From the Sanskrit words “ayur,” meaning life, and veda,” meaning knowledge, a traditional Indian text referring to ayurvedic medicine.
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Noun1.Ayurveda - (Sanskrit) an ancient medical treatise summarizing the Hindu art of healing and prolonging life; sometimes regarded as a 5th Veda
Hindooism, Hinduism - a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to India and based on a caste system; it is characterized by a belief in reincarnation, by a belief in a supreme being of many forms and natures, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth, and by a desire for liberation from earthly evils
Sanskrit, Sanskritic language - (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is now used only for religious purposes


[ˌɑːjʊərˈveɪdə] nayurveda m, ayurvéda m
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Muhammed Majeed, PhD, founded Sabinsa & Sami Labs based on his long-held belief that aspects of his native country's traditional medical system, Ayurveda, could address many of the health issues plaguing society.
Ayurveda means following the pattern of life, its expression and interaction: the time of year, the changes in the environment, seasons, state of the body, etc.
Ayurveda aims to produce a harmonious balance between mind, body and spiritual awareness.
The Ayurveda doesn't consider illness as a negative phenomenon only.
From tantric jharpuke vaidyas blowing mantras to rasa sastra alchemists concocting potent rejuvenating formulas, to pharmacists dispensing Indian commercial products and even to white-coated, stethoscope-wearing doctors ordering blood tests and prescribing herbs in the form of capsules and syrups, the myriad forms of Ayurveda resemble the half-cultivated, half-wild tangle of growth at the Godawari botanical gardens.
Sri Lanka has as many as 6,500 registered Ayurveda practitioners, many of whom have undergone a seven year course followed by two years in a conventional hospitals and are now catering to the spa needs of an increasing numbers of tourists to Sri Lanka," said Heba Al Ghais Al Mansoori, Middle East director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB).
Ayush Wellness Spa is the first in Britain to offer a 5,000-year-old Eastern philosophy known as Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine and health philosophy that originated in India more than 2,000 years ago and relies heavily on her balproducts.
Ayurveda is a a health philosophy that originated in India more than 2,000 years ago and relies heavily on herbal products.
Ayurveda Essence Paints, produced by AFM Safecoat, add a touch of eastern philosophy to house painting.
Since 1987, Seelisberg has been the home of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre--the first and oldest public Ayurvedic health establishment in Switzerland.