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A city of south-central Thailand on an island in the Chao Phraya River north of Bangkok. It was founded c. 1350 and was the capital of a Siamese kingdom until 1767, when it was destroyed by the Burmese.


(Placename) a city in S Thailand, on the Chao Phraya River: capital of the country until 1767; noted for its canals and ruins. Pop (province): 727 300 (2000). Also called: Ayudhya or Ayuthia


(ɑˈyu tɑ yɑ)

a city in central Thailand, on the Chao Phraya: former national capital. 47,189.
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An envelope containing three bricks believed to be centuries old and a note in Thai was sent to the Tourism Authority of Thailand last week, said Panupong Paengkul, a tourism official in the ancient city of Ayutthaya where the bricks were reportedly stolen from.
The tradition started from the kings of Ayutthaya who were at war with Burmese kingdoms.
But the troika will not only have Kawinpakorn to deal with but also Tiranan Yoopan, who is due for a big win along with Alisara Wedchakama, Ananya Vitayakonkomol, Aunchisa Utama, Chitawadee Duangchan, Hathaikarn Wongwaikijphaisal, Jaruporn P Na Ayutthaya, Pimpadsorn Sangkagaro and Sarinee Thitiratanakorn.
Mekong Kingdoms cruises joins Minor Hotels' existing fleet of Manohra Dining Cruises in Bangkok and Anantara Overnight Cruises that sail from Bangkok to Thailand's capital of Ayutthaya.
She was planning on spending five days in Bangkok and Ayutthaya with her friends for a year end vacation.
Sulak Sivaraksa, 85, was charged with insulting the royal family for expressing doubts that a 1592 elephant duel~between Naresuan the Great of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and Crown Prince Mingyi Swa of Burma actually took place.
5-MWp rooftop solar plant in the province of Ayutthaya (near Bangkok).
In Thailand's Ayutthaya province, more than 9 tonnes of drugs with a street value of over 20 billion baht ($590m) went up in smoke including methamphetamines, known locally as 'yaba' or 'crazy drug', according to police.
Thai Jaruporn Palakawong Na Ayutthaya carded a 76 while amateur Sam Bruce fired a 77.
Now Ed gets laughs when he strips down to his smalls to try out Muay Thai boxing in Ayutthaya city.
An elephant sprays tourists with water in celebration of the Songkran Water Festival in Ayutthaya province yesterday.