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 (ə-zā′nē-ə, ə-zān′yə)
South Africa. In the apartheid era, the term was often used by black African nationalists.

A·za′ni·an adj. & n.


(əˈzɑːnɪə; əˈzɑːnjə)
(Placename) another name for South Africa
[perhaps from Arabic Adzan East Africa]


(əˈzeɪ ni ə, əˈzeɪn yə)

the Republic of South Africa: a designation used by black liberationists.
A•za′ni•an, n., adj.


A black nationalist name for South Africa.
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Azania Noah's captivating voice brought de GRISOGONO's show to a sensual close by featuring the Goldeneye theme in a jazzy style.
On behalf of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, I made many speeches on the land question.
Childwall's Beth | |Mcloughlin pictured with GB women's players Lauren Thomas-Johnson and Azania Stewart
Jacana Media, Wa Azania's South African publisher, said Dan Simon, publisher at Seven Stories Press, said Wa Azania is like "a young Steve Biko, someone I have long revered for the directness and clarity and power of his vision and his words", while making the proposal.
Two of South Africa's oldest pioneer liberation groups, Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) and Azania People's Organisation (Azapo) could not attract enough voter support to retain a presence in the House and will disappear from public life.
Berenike was an active port, with ships loading merchandise from Egypt bound for India or Azania (East Africa), while unloading goods from the Indian Ocean countries headed to Rome.
This perspective is also shared in 2005 by Ngila Michael Muendane, a member the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), when he declared that:
A woman named Azania, at the height of predator's sexual orgy took a spear and pushed it with energy of seasons and seasons of hatred shown only as love, pushed it hard through the askari's right side, so hard it went through him into the Arab's panting breath threading him also in his right side.
Frantz Fanon and Black Consciousness in Azania (South Africa).
Nile or Azania remains my favorites name, not amorphous thing call 'South Sudan'.
Il est surprenant de constater que le gouvernement republicain, forme en octobre 1931 par Manuel Azania, avait maintenu intacte la structure militaro-administrative en place avec en tete les memes responsables et hauts fonctionnaires, qui furent nommes par le general Primo Rivera.
Brit Azania Stewart, 23, from London, said: "The Russians are such a good team.