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 (ə-zā′nē-ə, ə-zān′yə)
South Africa. In the apartheid era, the term was often used by black African nationalists.

A·za′ni·an adj. & n.


(əˈzɑːnɪə; əˈzɑːnjə)
(Placename) another name for South Africa
[perhaps from Arabic Adzan East Africa]


(əˈzeɪ ni ə, əˈzeɪn yə)

the Republic of South Africa: a designation used by black liberationists.
A•za′ni•an, n., adj.


A black nationalist name for South Africa.
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as well as the intriguing members of the high clergy of the Nestorian church (the official confession of the Empire, though in fact most Azanians appear to be animists).
Not surprisingly, the Azanians do not grasp the concept, and when at a banquet at the palace honoring the ladies a notable is called upon to welcome the visitors "from the great country of Europe," he can think of no more appropriate comment than that "we too, in our small way, are cruel to our animals"--at which point he digresses to recount "in hideous detail what he had himself done with a woodman's axe to a wild boar.
In fact, nothing could be further from Sir Sampson's mind than Azanian politics; he cannot even remember the proper names of the principal personalities at court.