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Noun1.Cyrillic alphabet - an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and some other Slavic languages)
alphabet - a character set that includes letters and is used to write a language
bicameral script - a script having two distinct cases
alfabeto cirílico
kyrillinen kirjaimisto
alphabet cyrillique
cirill ábécé
alfabet cyrylicki
alfabeto cirílico
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Le Centre de Promotion des Exportations CEPEX via sa representation commerciale a Moscou a organise aujourd'hui mardi 16 mai une journee de rencontres professionnelles avec des responsables d'achat de l'hypermarche russe Aae' Azbuka Vkusa ''specialise dans l'importation des differents produits agricoles et agroalimentaires.
Azbuka Vkusa, the premium food supermarket chain, will triple its chain size by 2018 and plans to launch a convenience format in Moscow and St.
Principal beneficiary owners of the bank are natural persons, holding aSC GeliosaReservea, M2M Privatebank, Azbuka Vkusa chain, Petropavlovsk Group of companies, etc.
Open space area where people were given a chance to learn and play with iBooks presented by Azbuka and not yet released Galaxy Tab provided by Samsung.
Perhaps Terebenev's bestknown work is Azbuka 1812 goda (A Gift to Children Commemorating the Year 1812), otherwise known as Terebenev's ABCs (1814).
Soon, the company had its first Russian order, from quality supermarket chain Azbuka Vkusa, with more than 30 stores in cities including Moscow and St Petersburg.