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n.1.a country in the Caucuses, formerly an Asian Soviet.
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Mustafa Kuliev, "The Cultural Revolution and Islam," 1928, quoted in Djeihun Hadjibeyli, "Anti-Islamic Propaganda in Azerbaidzhan [Azerbaijan]," Caucasian Review 7 (1958), pp.
Another author, though he actually refuted the role of Uritskii as a candidate for an encounter, is relevant because he introduced a new ship into the scenario, the tanker Azerbaidzhan.
46) Dolgikh notes that reports of theft of state property had increased, at least in certain camps about which he had information, including the camps of Kuneevsk, Azerbaidzhan SSR, and Voronezh oblast'.
Helsinki Watch, Prison Conditions in the Soviet Union: A Report of Facilities in Russia and Azerbaidzhan 56 (1991).
From an emigre source, some archival material and certain glasnost' revelations, Knight has put together an acceptable account of the early years and political formation of Beria: his Mingrelian background, his studies at the Baku Polytechnic School for Mechanical Construction and his stint as a Bolshevik spy in the Musavat party, which governed an independent Azerbaidzhan for an eighteen-month period between November 1918 and April 1920, before the territory was absorbed back into the Russian fold.
Derr told the audience that in case after case, "oil is the critical commodity to a nation intent on economic and social progress," the most recent examples being former Soviet Republics such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaidzhan.