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Jose Maria, born 1953, premier of Spain since 1996.
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I have always affirmed that Brazil would be fundamental in the union of the continent," Aznar observed.
After much speculation, Mr Aznar has now decided who will succeed him and, in spite of his choice, first deputy prime minister Mariano Rajoy, not having been tipped as the favourite, the 563-member national board of the PP fully endorsed his decision.
Aznar was nevertheless circumspect in his public pronouncements concerning the Handal-Castro axis, limiting himself to, "In the world it is known that there are models that function, and models that don't function.
Prime Minister Aznar said: "We will bring the guilty to justice.
Prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, who was joined by other European leaders as he led one march, pledged to hunt down the terrorists.
Reaffirming his support for the US-led occupation of Iraq,prime minister Jose Maria Aznar lunched in a desert canteen with Spanish soldiers in a surprise trip reminiscent of President Bush's Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad.
Spanish PM Jose Maria Aznar arrives in Tripoli on a 2-day state visit (becoming the first Western leader to do so since UN sanctions imposed on Tripoli in 1992 over the Lockerbie bombing were lifted last week).
After a dramatic summit in the Azores, the Prime Minister, Mr Bush and Span-ish premier Jose Maria Aznar flew home last night to begin a final round of telephone calls to persuade countries to back a fresh UN mandate.
The event took place in September 2002 in Ferrol in presence of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and Defence Minister Federico Trillo.
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SPANISH Premier Jose Maria Aznar joined armed forces chiefs and civilians for the funeral yesterday of a colonel killed in a car bomb attack blamed on Basque separatists.