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(Plants) a genus of fern growing in tropical waters
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Noun1.Azolla - a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae
Azolla caroliniana, Carolina pond fern, mosquito fern, floating fern - small free-floating aquatic fern from the eastern United States to tropical America; naturalized in western and southern Europe
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
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Pit For Vermi-Compost, Azolla Unit, Nadep Compost And Manure Store Room At Kvk, Bansur, Alwar.
tasmaniensis inhabiting ponds with surface mats of Azolla pinnata (as in the larger swamp) were dark brown to almost black in colour, whereas those inhabiting turbid pond water were cream-beige.
Azolla, multivitamin or acidifier were used in the present study with the goal of producing safe and profitable broilers.
Differential response of antioxidant enzymes to salinity stress in two varieties of Azolla (Azolla pinnata and Azolla filiculoides).
An ecological investigation into the excessive growth of azolla in the anzali lagoon and its control.
The organisms Lemna minor, Azolla caroliniana, Daphnia magna and Hyphessobrycon eques showed potential to be used as bioindicators of ethanol effetcs in water bodies, specially the Pomacea canaliculata snail, which had presented elevated sensibility to small ethanol concentrations.
poultry manure @ 5 t/ha + 1000 kg/ha Azolla + 8 kg/ha Azospirillum + 8 kg/ha Phosphobacteria + 100 kg/ha Groundnut oil cake on 50 DAT) RDN: Recommended Dose of Nitrogen, RDF: Recommended Dose of Fertilizers, INM: Integrated Nutrient Management TRRI : Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Aduthurai.
Antunes APM, Watkins GM, Duncan JR (2001) Batch studies on the removal of gold (III) from aqueous solution by Azolla filiculoides.
He's growing Azolla, a fern rich in omega 3, at his farm and feeding it to his cows.
Azolla plants showed substantial P-removal efficiency from P-eutrophicated solutions, and removed P-amounts were significantly correlated with P-accumulated in plant biomass.
Efficacy of urea in integration with Azolla and vermicompost in rain fed rice (Oryza sativa) production and their residual effect on soil properties.