Azolla caroliniana

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Noun1.Azolla caroliniana - small free-floating aquatic fern from the eastern United States to tropical America; naturalized in western and southern Europe
aquatic fern, water fern - ferns that grow in water
Azolla, genus Azolla - a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae
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The most widely accepted classification of section Azolla is currently that of Svenson (1944), however, who returned to a four-species system: Azolla caroliniana Willd.
water meal), Azolla caroliniana (eastern mosquito fern), Limnobium spongia (frog's bit), and Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (floating pennywort).
Poaceae Clark Makino Floyd Asclepias viridis Walter (SE) Asclepiadaceae Clark Azolla caroliniana Willd.
Those experiments determined that the Australian weevil, already successfully established in South Africa, won't eat benign North American plants like mosquito fern, Azolla caroliniana, or water clover, Marsilea vestita.
Azolla caroliniana, or fairy moss, is a floating plant with small half-inch ferny fronds that spread over the surface of the water.