stealth bomber

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Stealth bomber


Stealth plane

(Aeronautics) a type of US military aircraft using advanced technology to render it virtually undetectable to sight, radar, or infrared sensors. Also called: B-2
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Noun1.Stealth bomber - a bomber that is difficult to detect by radarstealth bomber - a bomber that is difficult to detect by radar
bomber - a military aircraft that drops bombs during flight
stealth aircraft - an aircraft designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar difficult

Stealth bomber

n (Aviat) → Tarn(kappen)bomber m, → Stealthbomber m
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PALMDALE -- Flight test work has started at Edwards Air Force Base on an improved radar antenna for the B-2 stealth bomber, part of a package of upgrades that is keeping about 1,000 workers employed in Palmdale even though bomber production ended years ago.
The 394th Combat Training Squadron (CTS) is currently training a Navy pilot who flew his first B-2 sortie at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.
Corrupt and undemocratic conditions within the United States government were evident last fall when Congress siphoned a half-billion dollars from an illegal slush fund maintained by the secretive spy satellite agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, and used it to fund more B-2 "stealth" bombers.
In the past few years, the Defense Department's most elaborate attempt at cloaking, the B-2 stealth bomber, has certainly drawn plenty of attention for its price tag and the obscurity of its mission.
PALMDALE - Northrop Grumman Corporation said it and Raytheon Company are closer to flight-testing a new radar system for the B-2 stealth bomber.
PALMDALE - Northrop Grumman reports that a test showed that a new communications link for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber will improve pilots' ability to exchange targeting and threat information.
team for improving the B-2 stealth bomber's combat readiness while reducing costs.
think tank is recommending the Air Force spend $2 billion to upgrade the B-2 stealth bomber to expand its capabilities while the nation develops new long-range weapons.
PALMDALE - Northrop Grumman has come up with a new anti-radar coating designed to reduce maintenance time for B-2 stealth bombers.
PALMDALE - Northrop Grumman and the Air Force are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the official start of the B-2 stealth bomber's military service.