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Noun1.B-horizon - immediately below the A-horizonB-horizon - immediately below the A-horizon; contains deposits of organic matter leached from surface soils
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la) and steady-state infiltration rates (Table 1) occur above and below the ~B boundary at this site, and extensive mottling and columnar structure suggested low hydraulic conductivity in the B-horizon.
Excavations conducted beneath these surface rock distributions have documented an anthropogenic soil horizon 20-80cm deep with casts of humanly created planting pits preserved within the upper anthropogenic soil horizon and penetrating the underlying B-Horizon.
The New Brunswick Government published a report about QPX technology as applied to mineral exploration (Open File Report OF 2003-8 dated 2003: 'Reconnaissance and Detailed QPX B-Horizon Soil and QPVX Vegetation Geochemistry in the Bathurst Mining Camp.
Work included an airborne VTEM survey (total of 2,068 line-km), systematic B-horizon soil sampling on a 500-metre by 100-metre grid pattern with local infill sampling (total of 3,686 samples), and reconnaissance prospecting (around 781 grab samples).
Cumulative TDN loads correlated with fine sand content in the A-horizon and silt and fine sand content in the B-horizon; TDP loads were mainly negatively correlated with clay content in the B-horizon; TP and TSS loads had similar negative correlations with clay contents in the B-horizon (Table 6).
Drill hole 03019 (section 7536305) intersected the Western B-horizon of the Main Zone at a depth of just over 100 metres (figure 1).
In 2004, Gitennes completed a program of time domain induced polarization (IP) surveys, MMI and conventional B-horizon soil sampling, and geological mapping/prospecting in order to more fully delineate and assess the merits of attractive, deeper geophysical anomalies prior to drilling.
1d from STI, a cross-section of about l km length, showed a large variation in depth to B-horizon ranging from areas with clay almost at the surface to a sandy A horizon extending down to 0.
During the fall of 2004, a grid was cut and picketed, a B-horizon soil survey and a magnetometer survey were carried out over the entire grid while Induced Polarization survey was completed over selected portions of the claims.
Soil data for the area indicate that a strongly duplex soil profile exists, with the ratio of A-horizon to B-horizon conductivity >1000, so the potential for local perching is high.
The recently completed IP survey results in conjunction with earlier completed B-horizon and MMI soil geochemical sampling programs and limited surface trenching and sampling programs have identified four distinct anomalous trends comprising in excess of 12,000 metres of strike potential of gold-bearing structures on the Alexander property to be evaluated by future drilling.