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abbreviation for
1. (Commerce) back order
2. (Commerce) branch office
3. (Banking & Finance) broker's order
4. (Commerce) buyer's option
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Noun1.b.o. - malodorousness resulting from a failure to batheB.O. - malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe
fetidness, malodorousness, stinkiness, rankness, foulness - the attribute of having a strong offensive smell
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It would appear to have been handed in at Vere Street at eight o'clock in the morning of May 11, 1897, and received before half-past at Holloway B.
I immediately called the police who rushed to the building and arrested B.
According to prosecution records, the incident happened on November 21, 2013 when B.
1 million at foreign tills--and France's 2012 foreign B.
These figures outstrip the comparable annual specialty B.
However, "Red Cliff" star Takeshi Kaneshiro's first Japanese-language pic in six years, the 2008 fantasy "Accuracy of Death," was a B.
A tiny pic about portapotties led the charge in Oz, a hick pic set on a French farm wowed the Gauls, and a family film about a Bavarian boy's obsession with religion galvanized the German B.
In this summer season, pics rated PG-13 have expanded their chokehold on the B.
The just-completed Oscar season, which ended with "Crash's" surprise win as best picture, was the third since the Academy's switch to an abbreviated calendar, and one B.
MOSCOW Fyodor Bondarchuk's Afghan war drama "9th Company" marched into Russian B.
A shockingly robust $30 million bow coupled with a traditionally weak B.
The unlikely duo of "Transporter 2" and "The Constant Gardener" teamed up to continue a recent Labor Day trend in which the sesh's openers are grabbing larger shares of the weekend's total B.