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abbreviation for
(Military) British Expeditionary Force, the British armies that served in France and Belgium 1914–18 and in France 1939–40




British Expeditionary Force(s).
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John Hall, of BEF, and James Elliott of ABN Amro, assisted with the purchasing of the business and finance.
The BEF Futurity started in 2005 with 100 young horses to be evaluated - and will see more than 600 in 2017.
The sale of Bob Evans Restaurants and the acquisition of Pineland Farms Potato Co marks the beginning of a new era at Bob Evans Farms in which the company will focus exclusively on realizing the full potential of its BEF Foods business.
So the first half of the show will be the 'new' version of Penthouse and Pavement but there is a special treat in the second half with the BEF.
A quarter of a million men of the BEF were evacuated from the coast of France over nine days.
Glenn and Martyn will be performing a new electronic version of the album that launched their careers while the second part of each show will also feature a live set from BEF, enlisting the talents of Mari Wilson, Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock and The Farm's Peter Hooton as well as Glenn himself to present new arrangements of songs familiar and unexpected.
The reader is given a gripping description of the opening engagement of the war between the BEF and the Imperial German Army.
But with the switch, it is suggested too that Apple may encounter yield issues as better quality BEF takes more time to manufacture.
Nawab Jogezai said that the role of BEF for the cause of education is appreciable.
David Hamer, who leads the training initiative for the BEF, said: "Many of our Paralympic medallists started riding at their local Riding For The Disabled centres.
BEF started to sell its inventories, taking revenue to $22.