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1. Bachelor of Hebrew Letters.
2. Bachelor of Hebrew Literature.
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BHL had argued that, as the Adelphi was an old building, parts of the kitchen were difficult to access for cleaning purposes.
The outcome of that federal case is that BHL received assets valued at $2.
La passio Agnetis BHL 156 e il topos dellapuella senex nell'agiografia mediolatina', AB 128, 15-55.
For vertical and horizontal engineer companies and combat service support formations, the BHL replaced the SEE and the John Deere[TM] 410-D backhoes still in the Army inventory.
BHL newly opened two authorized Honda motorcycle dealers, one in Tangail and the other in Jamalpur.
a corporation organized under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus (BHL), whereby BHL granted to GASE an option to purchase 1,000 shares of equity capital of Synderal Services LTD, a corporation organized under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus (SSL), representing all issued and outstanding shares of SSL.
BHL intents to use the proceeds to back its core offshore helicopter transport and civilian search and rescue (SAR) services and its operations within the offshore oil and gas sector.
will be merged into BHL on December 31, 2012, the effective date of the acquisition, and will continue to operate from their Schenectady, New York offices.
L'ancien president francais, accompagne de son epouse Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, est sorti du cinema "Saint-Germain des Pres", dans le centre de la capitale, aux environs de midi et s'est rendu dans un cafe adjacent, "le Bonaparte", pour y discuter avec BHL.
The facility was inaugurated by Robert Droogleever, General Manager for Caterpillar BHL Worldwide.
BHL is a private, Georgia-based company whose approach to integrated crisis intervention coordinates brief screening, triage/linkage, mobile crisis, and disaster outreach.
The BHL uses a platform of standardized, software-aided mental health assessments and clinical care managers to deliver evidence-based treatments for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in primary care set tings.