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1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
2. Bachelor of Philosophy
3. basis point
4. Baseball batting practice
5. before present (in radiocarbon dating, before 1950)
6. bills payable
7. birthplace
8. blood pressure
9. boiling point


abbreviation for
1. (of alcoholic density) below proof
2. boiling point
3. bishop


abbreviation for
1. (Pharmacology) blood pressure
2. (Pharmacology) British Pharmacopoeia


1. baptized.
2. birthplace.
3. bishop.


bills payable.


or BP,

before the present: (in radiocarbon dating) in a specified amount of time or at a specified point in time before A.D. 1950.


1. below proof.
2. boiling point.


1. =British Petroleum
2. =blood pressureTA


ABBR =Bishopob., obpo.
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BP Amoco initially announced plans to sell the Fabrics and Fibers unit in 2000 but this plan was put on hold due to adverse economic conditions.
Commercial Development and Marketing Association (CDMA): New 2004-2005 officers have been elected: Ada Nielsen, licensing manager of BP Amoco Chemicals, president; Jim Cederna, coach of Cederna International, president-elect; Wayne Turnblom, president of InSpired Associates, treasurer; Jack Peregrim, president of Paragon Development, secretary and Larry Drumm, vice president of business development at MBI International, past president.
in Cleveland will provide global marketing of the Amosorb oxygen-scavenger additive made by BP Amoco Chemical Co.
A material for decks, porches, verandas, and balconies that looks like natural wood is made from a blend of BP Amoco Polymer's grade 6400P polypropylene flake and hardwood sawdust and shavings, waste products that would otherwise be burned or disposed of in landfills.
The massive BP Amoco project has turned an undersea shoal into a five-acre drilling platform.
Oil giant BP Amoco is close to the sale of the Midland-based speciality chemicals business of Burma Castrol.
The British oil giant BP Amoco has announced that in accordance with a decision approved at its AGM on April 19, it is to drop the second part of its name and will in future be known simply as BP.
The British petroleum giant BP Amoco has unveiled an alliance with the American investment fund First Reserve to "stimulate the development of new technologies in the energy sector.
BP Amoco, Exxon Mobil, and Royal/Dutch Shell have all drawn up plans for chains of gas stations.
AIOC, in which BP Amoco is operator and consortium leader, is currently producing around 115,000 b/d offshore, up from 50,000 b/d in mid-1998.
An HSE spokesman said yesterday: "This is a clear message to BP Amoco and other companies.
Owing to the December merger, figures for BP Amoco were not available.