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v. t.1.To be or become overripe, as wheat, barley, or hops.
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Aspect is conducting the BRITE trial in collaboration with leading depression researchers at ten prestigious facilities across the United States.
The results from the BRITE trial expected in early 2007 will help us to better understand the role that our technology can play in improving the care of these patients.
The BRITE trial builds upon previous research to establish whether brain monitoring technology can determine much earlier - in as soon as one week - whether a patient will respond to a specific antidepressant medication.
Rose Art's product is a blatant knock-off of our LITE BRITE CUBE and we will be seeking a preliminary injunction to have their product removed from store shelves.
Adwise BRITE goes beyond the scope of the existing targeting systems and transforms ISPs into prime online advertising platforms using data drawn from the ISP's network traffic.