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(Judaism) the eighth month of the Old Hebrew calendar, corresponding to Heshvan of the Babylonian or post-exilic Jewish calendar: a period from mid-October to mid-November
[from Hebrew būl, of Canaanite origin]


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Two of the Biologically Unique Landscapes (BULs), the Sandstone Prairies BUL and the Southeast Prairies BUL, are encompassed by the Tallgrass Prairie Ecoregion in Nebraska and were the locations of our study.
Within the Sandstone Prairies BUL and the Southeast Prairies BUL, four species of grassland birds are identified by the NNLP as Tier I species (species that are at-risk both globally or nationally and at risk of being extirpated from the State of Nebraska; greater prairie-chicken, loggerhead shrike, Bells's vireo, and Henslow's sparrow).
At maturity, the Issuer will pay as principal an amount of cash based on the closing price of each BULS stock in the basket.
Using geometric shaping, the perimeter of the BUL Driver is dramatically expanded which spreads discretionary mass as far away from the Center of Gravity (CG) as possible.
Mr Buls was last seen at his home in Glenamaddy, Co Galway, at 10.